Ku Sung Tuk

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The ritual offering of the Ku Sung Tuk is made to the presiding lama of the Kagyu Monlam, who this year will be Venerable Mingyur Rinpoche. Ku Sung Tuk is Tibetan for enlightened body, speech, and mind. They are symbolized by offering a statue of the Buddha, a sacred Dharma text, and a statue of a Stupa, respectively. This is done by a procession of monastics, who first offer a mandala that is symbolic of the entire universe. The meaning of this ritual is elucidated by His Holiness Karmapa:

At this point our own body, speech, and mind are not able to bring that much benefit to other sentient beings. If we offer them to the gurus and to the Three Jewels they will be able to use them. This means that eventually our own body, speech, and mind will become able to bring vast benefit to all sentient beings and become meaningful. That is what is most important.